An Ode to Quadrennial Suffrage

By the Constitution, we gave ourselves the right to vote.

And to do so every four years, by Jove!

Thus came another bout; we did the needful.

But not everyone was happy, even by the Constitution.

Those unhappy had a choice to ventilate their position.

To the Supreme Court they went, to air their grievance;

Hoping that in the end, they will gain more than a pittance.

Anxiously the whole nation waited, with corked ears and shined

Eyes to capture every moment.

January 2021 came and the show began in deed.


The losing party as petitioner started with his evidence;

Three witnesses he called, only two appeared

In person; the third came via video link, with a judicial officer

In his house; was that necessary in the era of digitalization?

Well, the chap is lucky; he drinks tea with the Queen.

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