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Francisca, awesome piece!! Thank you for the time and effort.


Quite an interesting and insightful read. Thanks for sharing. In my own considered view, the court ought to be had recourse to the “substantial contribution” and “jurisprudence of equity” principles in determining such legal question brought before it. There are copious examples of working class women that are more financially buoyant than their “void” husbands.

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Chima Esq., Lagos, Nigeria.

Insightfully relevant article on leadership and authenticity in contemporary Ghana. " The Fomena Phenomenon " as you have aptly described it holds significant introspective and reflective lessons for all. Your allusion to Carl Jung adds the distinct flavour of context. I am tempted to include Albert Ellis and his Rational Emotive Behaviour Theory. Respectfully, let me urge you to turn your article into a book. It is a refreshing article and uniquely brings the past, present and future together. Congratulations. 

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