The doctrine of stare decisis parades in a fanciful new robe in the Supreme Court: Ex Parte Opuni (No. 2).
The Supreme Court has, in a four to three majority decision of its review panel, overturned its earlier three to two majority decision of the ordinary bench in Ex parte Opuni. In the earlier decision, the Court granted an order of prohibition to restrain the trial judge in the criminal proceedings pending at the High Court (Honyenuga, JSC sitting as an additional High Court judge) from continuing to sit and hear the case.
The Law and Politics of Natural Black Hair: Marghuy on my mind.
This article further raises the issue as to why in the face of a blatant abuse of a child’s right to education, most of the usual human rights adherents and diplomats are quiet.
The Power of Perception and Perspective.
Each of us has a perception and each holds their perception to be valid and self-evident. But it is only with the humility to seek and appreciate others’ perception of things and events that we also grow to our full potential.
The “additional judge” concept revisited.
There are many procedures, processes and concepts that guide the administration of justice in most countries. The sources of these elements may be found in constitutions, statutes, legislative instruments and rules of procedure.
For better or for worse? New Changes introduced into the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court Rules.
On 1st October, 2020, the Rules of Court Committee made certain changes in the rules of procedure that guide how appeals are filed and heard before the superior appellate courts, that is, the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court in Ghana
The Death of a Profession?
A few days ago, I saw a video on social media of some men and women engaged in serious fisticuffs in what appeared to be the chamber of some Parliament.
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