“The two faces of Natural Justice: Ex parte Dorgbadzi in retrospect”
Before the ‘valedictory’ decision, we thought we had reached a stage in our national lives where judges could go to sleep, secure in the knowledge that their busts will not adorn the frontage of the Supreme Court Building. But now that we know that any judge’s Record Books, Things Books, Microsoft Teams virtual hearing recordings and even the form and mode of making the entries in the books will be the subject-matter of ‘trials’ at the Supreme Court, one can only imagine the chill flowing down the spine of their Worships, Honours, Ladyships and Lordships.
Judicial review gets a shot in the arm in Ex parte Hoda Holdings Ltd.
A regular feature of every practicing lawyer’s life is the relentless reading of cases that have been decided by the courts. Favourite cases, in order of ascending hierarchy, are those from the High Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court (collectively known as the Superior Courts of Judicature).
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