General Legal Council versus Social Media: Weeping over fake news?
As the saying goes, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. In the same vein, public institutions of doubtful legal existence must do well not to try the patience of citizens.
A red letter to our soldiers and us
The soldiers and their civilian collaborations must bow their heads in shame. If citizens have learned to respect them under constitutional rule, the least they can do is to return the pleasure.
Cry Babies and Other Stories.
Once upon a time… time, time!! There was an association of first class citizens; the real descendants of Adam and Eve or Adamu and Hawa or Dear Boy (It’s unclear who was his female reproductive counterpart). The association was so bedeviled by nagging problems that, the members sent word to the occupant of the third most important stool in the kingdom, praying for a date for a meeting at 9 a.m in the forenoon that same day or so soon thereafter.
The “additional judge” concept revisited.
There are many procedures, processes and concepts that guide the administration of justice in most countries. The sources of these elements may be found in constitutions, statutes, legislative instruments and rules of procedure.
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