Perspectives 1

PERSPECTIVES: Not your conventional conversations (Vol. 1)

By: Francisca Serwaa Boateng      |   July, 2022


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The book challenges readers to ask pertinent questions about the status quo. It contains expositions on issues that are of general socio-economic interest to many. There are also articles that address mainly issues about women’s rights that have not received much attention of late. Yet more of the contents of the book are on various topical issues on law and the legal profession in general. One major highpoint of the book that sets it apart from others is the simplicity of language and style of writing. The articles on law practice and the legal profession, for instance, are so simple and easily understandable that, students, lawyers and the general public will enjoy them in equal measure.


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Bold and to the point. There has been too much political lip service to this.Only the affirmative action under Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was able to deliver women’s representation at that time.

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George Ankoma Mensah 

Someone must be a judge over the judge, and you definitely are that judge as I read the article. Ayekoo. As usual, simple to read piece but meticulous and offering lots of lessons making the law easy to understand and apply. F, you always urge me on to in the law. Thanks and God bless. Praying for you to be the best always. Thanks

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Dora Ocquaye-Nortey  

Brilliant by all standards. You have at done to our minds what our minds failed to do for us, to reason as lawyers or as moralist. Thanks

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James Abiaduka  

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